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Everyone say Hi to to our resident ..... Sam!💙 Sam is a 6 month old collie who hasn’t had the best start in life, however this is all about to change. Sadly before coming in to our care this lad had received very little input or socialisation. 😔 He is bright as button and soon understands what is being asked of him! 😍 This lad is currently in foster and doing great. 💚 He loves his mind being exercised with doing games and basic commands. He sleeps down stairs on his own without an issue. Sam is house trained and slowly building his time being left. Sams lead work is slowly progressing. This is to be carried on in his forever home. 🐶 Sam has passed a full health check and is booked in to be neutered. When meeting dogs Sam can be a little shy for a while, however once he is comfortable, he is a typical pup. He loves meeting new people and thinks everyone should have a game of fetch with him!🐾 We are looking for a home with the understanding of working line collies and their needs. Someone who has the time and patience for Sam to carry on his training and socialisation. Please only complete the form is you have the time and experience for this pup. He is a 10 year plus commitment!❣️ Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in adopting this little lad!