Everyone meet our next poundie  …. Sally!🥹🥰 Sally was a stray who never got claimed. It’s clear she’s been bred from and then  abandoned. 💔💔 She’s such a sweet girl who hasn’t seen much of real life however so far she’s taken everything in her stride. Sally is stealing everyone’s hearts so far!😘 Sally has been great with everyone and all the dogs she’s met. She’s happy to walk solo or with others dogs, once she’s spayed we I’ll try her off lead around dogs. However we don’t foresee any issues!🐶🐾 This girl was a star at the vets and has passed her full healthcheck. Shes now started her vaccinations, been flead, wormed and microchipped. Shes also booked in to be spayed, no more breeding for this lovely girl! We feel she’s around 3 years old and hound type who’s 27.5kg🥰 Sally could live with dog savvy children and possibly other dogs. She’s picking up her lead manners well and will do anything for some food which will aid in training. She travels well and isn’t worried about passing traffic when walking.🧡 This girl really deserves her own place to call home. She needs active home due to her breed and someone who loves adventures. 🐾🐾🙌🏽 Please share this amazing girl so she can find her forever home filled with love!🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;