Lab x Collie

Everyone meet our latest poundie ... Sally!😍 This girl is a tad shy but soon comes out of her shell! We honestly feel she has only seen the awful side of humans so far! 🙁However that has all changed now!💚 Sally has only just come in to our care however over the next few days we will know more about her! 💕 Here’s what we know so far; Sally is a Labrador cross Collie and she is approx 1-2 years old. She is in ok condition however we will be building up her strength, condition and confidence whilst she is with us at Almost Home Dog Rescue! 💚 This girl is fab in the car, she will jump in and out and is nice and calm when the car is moving, she has been good with all the dogs she has met so far! Sally has been brilliant with all the different people she has met so far too!❤️😘 Sally hasnt seen much of the good side of the world but she is starting to now and she likes it! She has enjoyed her walks and is doing well on lead! 🐾 Sally is more than happy to have a fuss and fine with being handled! She is starting to come out of her shell already, which is a great sign!🙏🏼