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Everyone meet our next poundie ……..Rupert! 💙 This little lad is only 9 months old and a scruffy terrier mix. He’s a very shy lad who clearly has experienced the horrible side of the human race. ☹️ Again, his owner/breeder knew he was at the pound but never came for him. He was so nervous when he first arrived, he just wanted to run away and hide, or eventually sit on your knee and hide his face away from everyone else. 🥺 However he is now in foster and coming along very well. He is still shy and jumpy at loud noises but he has come a long way in short amount of time. 💙 Rupert has been a star when at the vets, happy to be handled and he passed a full health check. He’s booked in to be neutered and have some of his matted fur removed too.👏🏽 This lad is starting to understand the lead is a positive thing and that the outside world isn’t too bad. However over time this will make more sense to him. He has started to play in the garden with his toys and really enjoys a fuss once he trusts you. 😘 His crate is his safe haven and he loves to sleep in it over night. When left he is left in there too. He travels well in a crate or on the back seat clipped in. So far he’s been out around other dogs but this is to be assessed further. 🐶 Overall this lad needs a calm and confident adopter(s) who understand rescue dogs and terriers. We are sure once his confidence grows so will his terrier character.💙 Remember to complete the form if you’re interested in adoption;