Everyone say hi to ..... Buddie and Rufus!💛 💙Buddie - blonde - 6 months old 💙 💚Rufus - apricot - 8 months old. 💚 These guys are fab with huge potential the right home. Sadly they haven’t had as much socialisation or stimulation as needed. However this doesn’t hold them back. 🙈 They have come in to our care due to the owner not being able to meet their needs, after a sudden change in personal circumstances. 🐶 They both greet people well, and love their fusses. They travel in a crate and sleep in a crate over night once settled. Both pups are house trained as well.🐾 We have started introducing them to the outside world.... they think everything is amazing and everyone should come and say hi to them!😂 Both lads are high energy and are going to need a lot of input. Mentally and physically tiring these two everyday isn’t going to be an easy job. Remember these guys do have cocker spaniel in them!! You always need to consider the Financial side of having two dogs; food, vets, grooming and insurance etc. Please only apply if you have the time for these guys now and after Covid as well!🙏🏼 Please complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption. However please ensure you put as much information in to the form as possible;