Everyone meet Ruby! This girl has come in to our care today and gone in to a foster home, this means we will know more about her over the next few days. Here is what he know so far; Ruby has come in to our care due to her owners increasing their working hours and they feel that she doesnt get the attention she needs. She has lived in a family home since they got her at 8 weeks old. Ruby is a good girl when out walking. She needs a bit more socicalisation however hasnt shown any aggression. Ruby walks well on and lead, and it is said her re call isnt too bad either., However will need to carry on her training. She is approx 1 year old and loves to have a cuddle. Ruby has lived with sesnible chidlren and adores being with people. She is a very clever girl too. On her asssessment Ruby as a very well mannered little dog, who happily introducted herself to many people. She is was a tad shy with new dogs however this quickly turned in to excitment and she wanted to play. This girl needs home with terrier expereince. Also someone who is willing to put time anf effort in to her training. She will be a fab little companion for someone! Please share this girl far and wide!