Cockerpoo cross spaniel
Older Only

Everyone meet our next residents…..Aggie and Ruby!💔❤️‍🩹 These girls came in to our care due to very sensitive matter including their owners ill health. More details will be given at a later stage in the adoption process. Please no negative comments!🐶 They are 21 weeks old and Cockerpoo x spaniel’s. We will not be rehoming them together! As always with pups, you can apply and we will mathletes you to the right one based on the information you give us on the adoption enquiry form and what we have learnt about them.🏡 Sadly due to the circumstances which lead them to come in to our care, it is clear they haven’t had the right care or socialisation. They are nervous and unsure of the world however since in foster are coming along very well and taking everything in their  stride. They are doing great with canine company in foster and look to her for guidance and reassurance!🐾 They have passed healthchecks, however both need to gain and condition. Around 3 to 4 kgs each. They will be adopted on a spaying contract and we will cover this cost. They are full vaccinated, flead, wormed and mircochipped. We have booked them in for a puppy groom too! ❤️‍🩹 These girls are lovely, they adore their food and a good fuss. However they are on training program to ensure they develop into well rounded individuals and this will be passed down to the adopters to continue. As always we will be looking for adopters to work with us and ensure they blossom as they should!🥰 Both are happy to be handled, love to play, have had a bath and starting to understand how to walk on lead. They will sit for their food now and 90% housetrained. Both travel well in a crate too.😍 As they mature, both girls need plenty of mental and physical stimulation daily. A walk is not enough for these dogs! Please do research Cockerpoo as a breed, their life span,  grooming needs etc. So please take all of this in to consideration before apply. ⭐️ Please share so they can find their forever homes, where they will treated as the adventurous breed they are! 🙌🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;