Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Ruby!💔 Ruby is around 3 years old and found herself in our care after no one came forward to claim her! It’s clear she’s been a breeding machine and now the puppy markets dropped, she’s been thrown away like rubbish. Sadly we are seeing a huge increase in this at the moment!😞 This girl is a darling but she really hasn’t seen much of the real world at all. The humans who have been responsible for this haven’t been great either. It’s obvious she’s had many litters, infact she’s still got milk!💔 Ruby is a mastiff who’s currently around 34kg and needs to be around 40kg. She’s not been walked much at all bless her. However Ruby is starting to enjoy the quiet country lanes. She’s previously not been around traffic as she’s quite scared of it at the moment. However she trusts her handler and is relaxing little by little, on each walk. 🤞🏽💛 This girl is brilliant in kennels, we can not fault her. She feels safe in paddock and we have even had a few games of fetch. She knows no basic commands but is enjoying a fuss now. Ruby is most happy when the environment is chilled and she trusts the people she’s with.♥️🥲 We have seen a few moments of puppy behaviour and zoomies from her, so we know she’s willing to let go of the past and really blossom. We just need to find her forever humans. Someone she can trust and rely on for the rest of her life.🫶🏼🤞🏽 Ruby has been good around food and toys. She takes everything to bed with her, which is her safe zone. She allows you to touch her without an issue too. This girl greets strangers well and is a good all rounder. Ruby travels well and is happy to jump in and out of the car. So far she’s been ok with dogs too.🐶🚗 We are looking for a home filled with TLC and patience for this girl. Somewhere, she can relax and decompress. Once she gains her condition and her milk dries up, she can be spayed. Then there’s no more litters for this girl. She can finally live her life! ❤️ Please share this amazing girl far and wide!🫶🏼🤞🏽