Everyone say hi to Roy!💙 Roy has been with us a few weeks and foster placement came up so we decided that it would be great for him to go to foster. And he hasn’t looked back since!❤️‍🩹 Roy is a 2 year old collie who hasn’t had the best start in life. However he is one very happy boy who adores life and is ready for his next adventure!🥰 Since arriving in foster he has been great, he is housetrained and happy to be left alone. We are building this time up slowly however a couple have hours would be fine for him. 💙 He adores his toys and loves any time spent stimulating his mind. Roy knows a basic commands and will do anything for a toy or a high reward treat. He is happy sleeping down stairs on his own too. 🙌🏽⭐️ Roy travels well in the car and isn’t reactive to traffic when walking either. He walks well on a normal lead but can be nervous of other dogs. So to give him some confidence we have started walking him on headcollar which he walks beautifully on. 😘 This lad is clever! He really could go far in life with the right human(s). We feel he could live with older dog savvy children who know boundaries. Roy adores a fuss and is happy to be groomed too!⭐️ At kennels he was fine with other dogs, happy to say hello and go on a walk with them. When walking and he meets new dogs he can be nervous and react but this is getting better daily. A lot of dogs he can just ignore, especially once he has bonded further with his human.🐶🧡 Sadly, due to his background he was isolated for a lot of young stages of life due to no fault of his own. However the improvements we are seeing are massive so we know he can do it.🙌🏽 As always we are on hand to help with any behavioural needs post adoption AND for life. The way Roy is improving, it’s unlikely he will ever need us though. 😘 He has been grand around live stock and is a good boy at the vets too. This lad has so much to offer that we feel he will make someone a great adventure buddy. He adores being out and about and being busy …. Can you keep up with Roy? 🥹😍 Please give this lad a share so he can find his forever home.🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;