Whippet x Terrier (scruffy lurcher)

Everyone meet our next resident……Roxy!❤️ Roxy sadly found herself in our care having being too much for their resident dog. Unfortunately, this girl is 21 weeks old and on her 4th move coming to us. Such a bad start and un-nerving start for a pup.😞 Thankfully her previous owners realised she needs to come to rescue to be rehomed properly. They took her to the vets for her vaccinations and to be microchipped too. She’ll be spayed when old enough via the rescue.🐶 This girl is said to be a whippet cross terrier. She’s a scruffy lurcher and we can’t guarantee what size she’ll be when full grow. She’s passed a full health check and is more than ready to find her forever home. 😘 Roxy knows her name and basic commands. She adores to play and is very good at jumping. She’s loved free rein in the garden and will be a cracking candidate for agility or canicross when older. 🐾🐾 Regarding other dogs, she’s ADORES them however is very full on. She’s starting to listen to other dogs and respect their space however she’s a puppy and is nipping and rough playing like. typical lurcher!! She’s clearly not had enough socialisation early on or enough time with her litter/mum. She is learning and doing very well.🤪😇 Roxy has previously lived with dog savvy children and is good with them. Again, she’s a puppy so she will nip and scratch. She’s already listening to commands, which shows us how much potential she has, in the right hands. 😁 This girl travels well and is crate trained. She’s pretty much house trained too. She’s a typical lurcher who adores her food. 😍 We are looking an active home for this girl. Someone who understand her needs both mentally and psychically. She’s going to need a lot of activity going forward. Roxy could live with or without other dogs. However if with others, they must be neutered and if without others then she must have a good social life. 🐶🐾 Please only apply if you the time for the level of input needed. Please do share far and wide for this scruffy pup to find her forever home!👏🏽🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;