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Everyone meet our next resident…. Roxy!😍 Roxy is a 6 year older JRT. Sadly this girl found herself in our care, however she is such a sweetie. We are positive she will not be with us for long!😘 Roxy is currently in foster and doing very well. When she arrived she was a very shy girl who didn’t understand what was happening. However she is now coming out of her shell!🙏🏼❣️ This girl is brilliant in the house. Spotless over night and good in the car. She loves nothing more than spending time with you and having lots of cuddles!❣️ When out and about Roxy can be reactive to other dogs. This is slowly improving, however whoever is lucky enough to adopt her does need to carry on her socialisation. Roxy can not live with other dogs due to her reactively and previously living with another dog which didn’t work out well. She also can not live with younger children due her being nervous. They would scare her by accident. She’s never been around them either!💛 This girls needs a loving forever home, where she will be the apple of someone’s eye. Roxy needs a human best friend, who she can gain confidence from and go for adventures with. Most importantly someone she can trust & who won’t give up on her. She is desperate to bond and be loved. ❤️ Please share far and wide so we can get her the forever home she deserves! 😍🙏🏼❣️ Please complete the form below if you’re interested in adopting this little lady: