Middle Aged

Foster update for Rosie; Rosie has so much love and affection to give. 💛Loves to cuddle and have a fuss, always leaning on you and loves to be by your side.😘 She is great on the lead, probably the best you could ask for on a lead, does not pull at all, only sometimes stopping for a quick sniff.🐾🐾 Rosie is ok with dogs her own size if introduced to them properly, she is still figuring things out that way. At the moment needs more exposure regarding other dogs as she’s unsure of the world at times.🫶🏼 She is learning to play with toys but not overly fussed with them. You can play with Rosie though and she loves zoomies and spinning around when she’s excited.😍 Rosie is a clever girl and has quickly learnt to sit and stay before going for her food when it’s put down within a week.♥️ Overall Rosie is looking for someone to spend time with and be loved. Rosie could probably integrate with other dogs if they were the right ones and it was done slowly, and has been getting used to life living indoors. No issues at all with toilet training now that she is in a house 💛 Someone is going to be very lucky to have this girl in their life’s!❤️‍🩹. O Everyone meet our next resident …..Rosie!♥️ Rosie is a lurcher who’s got some smooth and rough coat. She’s 6 years old and generally a fab all rounder. Sadly she was brought in to our care due to her owners not wanting her anymore and has also likely lived outdoors 💔 This girl is great with people and loves her cuddles. At the vets, she was star. In fact she adored the attention and treats of course. She’s passed a full healthcheck, started her vaccinations and is booked in for neutering. Currently, she weighs 20.9kg and needs to be around 24kg. However we are sure, the weight will increase nicely.🫶🏼 Rosie hasn’t seen the world, everything is new and a the world big place. She’s a tad shy of new things but quickly comes around. She walks beautifully on lead and is starting to enjoy her countryside walks.❤️‍🩹 We can see she’ll become a volunteer favourite in the meantime. Rosie needs an active home, someone with patience to help her understand her new life. She needs a human best friend! 😍 Rosie is fab in the car and loves to watch the world go by. She’s happy having a fuss off anyone and really enjoys learning. Rosie is ok around dogs on walks but we are assessing her further over the coming days.🐾 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;