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Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Rose!🥺😍 Rose is a lurcher who is a spritely 9-10 years old. This girl is just a love bug. She just wants a cuddle, a little zoomie and a comfy bed!🥰 At the vets Rose was more than happy being handled. She has started her vaccinations, been microchipped and booked in for her spay and a dental! Sadly this girl has some really nasty and damaged teeth. However she’ll feel a lot better very soon. For now, we are soaking her food!😘❤️‍🩹 Rose jumps into the car without an issue, travels well, walks ok on lead and is happy to walk with or without other dogs. She’s a good all rounder.💛 This girl deserves a home that will cherish her and adore her! She needs to know what love is and a sofa!❣️😇 Please share this girl far and wide, so we can find this girl her forever home. Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;