Teacup chihuahua

Everyone meet our next poundie …. Roo!❤️‍🩹 Roo is possibly the smallest adult dog we have ever had in. We have no background information as she came to us after serving her stray time in the pound. Sadly no one came forward to claim her. She’s sadly got some of her ear missing too. 💔 This girl has been bred from even though she’s tiny herself. The stress her body must have been under is immense. We have vaccinated her and booked her to be spayed and microchipped at the same time. She’ll also have her teeth cleaned. The vet thinks she’s around 2/3 years old. ❤️‍🩹 Sadly, it seems this girl has been bred on purpose to be hairless. She has fur on her legs and her head, however her body is bald. Her skin isn’t sore or inflamed and she enjoyed her bath. 😇 Personality wise, she’s a happy girl who’s confident around dogs. She’s currently in foster with another dog without any issues. Roo is good at being handled and loves to be by you. She quickly becomes attached and turns in to your shadow. 🐶 This girl needs a chance to be a dog, go on walks and enjoy what the world has to offer. We know she’ll enjoy all the attention and love she can get. Roo has a fab appetite so she’ll gain weight well too.✅ We are looking for a home with other dogs so she can learn from them. She’ll do alot better around others. We need a home with an understanding of tiny breeds and their needs. Also an understanding of dogs with minimal fur too. ♥️ Please share this tiny girl far and wide so she can find her forever home.🤞🏽🏡 Remember to compete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;