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Everyone meet our next residents …… Romeo and Juliet!😍 These guys are on a home from home system. Meaning that they will stay with their owner until we have found their forever home. These guys will be adopted as pair. ✌🏽🐶 On assessment Romeo and Juliet met humans well and with loads of love! They were reactive on lead to other dogs, however off lead they were fine.🐶 These guys are a bonded pair who have sadly found themselves in our care due an incident including a child. This is where the child fell on to Romeo and he nipped. Please no negative comments, there’s a complex background!🙏🏼 They both love soft toys. Juliet will run and play with them but Romeo will paw at it and cuddle up. Both enjoy a plod around the park. They love a warm fire and curling up lap or next to you on the sofa. 😘 They both travel well and have been on holidays with the previous family. These guys have both been lovely with children (apart from the incident) but like their space from them and a quiet life.❣️ We are looking forever home for them, where they can have a chilled out lifestyle and lots of love. Please complete the form below if you’re interested in adopting both Romeo and Juliet;