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Everyone meet our latest poundie Rodney!😘 We collected this little guy from death row this morning! Rodney has been nothing but perfect! He hasn’t put a paw out of place! 🐾 Rodney is a Jack Russell Terrier who is approximately 10-12years old! However still active!🧡 So far this lad has been brilliant with everyone he has met, he is has been amazing with all type breeds of dogs too! He adores going for a walk and walks well on lead! Rodney also loves being in the car and he travels well. 😍 Rodney went to he vets today for a check health! He has a good heart, eyes and ears. He needs to put some weight and muscle on, he only weighs 5.3kg! Rodney is booked in for neutering at the end of the week and has been chipped and vacc’d! He will be a different dog in no time! 💚 Whilst being in the office Rodney didn’t make a mess at all and waited to go outside for the toilet!👌🏽 We are looking for a retirement home for this lad, someone who will love and adore him!🤞🏽💛