Everyone please meet our next poundie.... Rodger!💙💔 This lad is just BRILL! He adores everyone and everyone adores him! He is a love-bug!😍Rodger is 14 years old and ended up in the pound! 😡💔However he is now safe with us at Almost Home Dog Rescue! 💚 This lad hasn’t put a paw wrong, he is a super star! He has been fab with the other dogs, he loves people and brilliant at travelling! 😍 Rodger has a full heath check yesterday and re started his vaccinations. He has a fatty lump on his chest but the vets are not worried about and considering his age, he is doing very well! 💪🏼💛 He may 14 going on 15 years old however he enjoys his walks and adventures. Rodger will sit and wait for his food. He also enjoys having a run around the paddock too! We just hope that he can find a retirement home, in time fire Christmas! 💙🤞🏼 Please share this lad share and wide, let’s get Rodger a retirement home! 🤞🏼 Remember to fill in the form, if you could offer Rodger forever home!🐶