Middle Aged

Everyone please say hi to our next resident ...... Rocky!💙 Rocky is a 7 year old, Yorkshire Terrier. Sadly Rocky is coming back to our care due to him being a little too much for his owner. He originally came in to our care due to not living well with young children in the home. 😔 We have now realised that he hasn’t had much socialisation previously. Meaning he barks at other dogs and new people. However he is getting better with new people now. Rocky is on a training plan to help with socialisation, so we need someone who is willing to carry this on! đŸ¶ He likes his space and a bit of peace throughout the day. He is a typical terrier, full of energy and character. He will bark when someone’s knocks on the door and is a talkative lad! Rocky is spotless in the house and happy on his own for a few hours. Once this lad loves you, he adores his cuddles and hugs!💙 Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in offering this lad his forever home