French Bulldog
Older Only

Everyone meet our next resident…. Rocky! 🧡 This lad sadly came in to our care due to a few different reasons and this will be explained more at the interview stage of the adoption process. However please read full write up before applying‼️ Rocky is an 18 month old, French Bulldog. This lad is a little shy when you first meet him but he doesn’t take long to trust you. Rocky came in to our care and went straight into foster so we can continue his assessment. 👌🏼 This lad is perfect in the house. He is spotlessly clean and quiet over night. Rocky is currently sleeping down stairs in the kitchen. ❣️ After a few hours of being in foster, he realised that he was in a safe place and there was nothing to be scared of. Since then he hasn’t looked back. Rocky loves his walks (he is a fit lad) and then chills around the house the rest of the day. At night, he loves being around you and having a fuss.🥰 Rocky travels well in the car, and is more than happy watching the world go by. The only issue we are working on with Rocky is getting him used to new people. If you go for a small walk with him, and let him get used to you that way, he is your friend in no time.😘 Before Rocky came in to our care, he was in doggy care for a few days a week. Where he was fine with the other dogs. On assessment he was non reactive and simply ignored other dogs once he had said hello!🐶 We are looking for an adult only home with someone with an understanding of the breed and where Rocky will be an only dog. This lad just needs his time to shine. He is already starting in his foster home! 🧡 Please complete the form below with as much detail as possible if you’re interested in adoption;