Everyone meet our next to poundies, however these were signed over to the pound via their ‘owner’! 💔😭🤬 Everyone say a quiet hello to Rio ( brindle - Male - 2 years old and Violet ( Black - female - 2 years old).😍🥰 These guys are lovely however, they have had an awful life and it shows! Their eyes tell you a Million stories!😭 They are just over two years old and have never been able to be a family member or known love! 💔 We had a call yesterday saying that these guys were at high risk and they needed a space ASAP! We have no space however we managed to get them in boarding kennels and we will paying for them to stay their until we have room at our kennels!!🤞🏼 When collecting these poor mites, our heart broke. These dogs have been through hell and back! They were sticky and smelt of urine and beer. (how does a dog smell of beer! What have then been through?!)😭 As we cleaned them up, they were shaking not knowing what was going to happen next! We fed and watered them, treated them for fleas and worms and cleaned them up! They are covered in bald patches from lying on hard, cold floor and urine burns on their feet, legs and chest! They were covered in cuts too! Mentally they are broken, shocked and confused!💔 God only knows what they have been through and seen!🤬 As a rescue we will make these dogs whole again and show them love! We will rehabilitate them and get them their forever homes as we always do!😘 More details and pictures to follow over the coming days! We will get them vet checked and start a rehabilitation and socialisation plan!🧡 Please share so find these beauties a forever home! 🤞🏼 Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in offering either Violet or Rio a forever home.