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Everyone meet our next resident ….. Rico!🥺💙 Rico is a dinky lad who is a 12 year old Jack Russel terrier. Sadly, one of his owners passed away who was his primary care giver then his other owner was too poorly to care for him. This has resulted him and another dog being left alone for around six months in a property with only someone popping in. Before this period, they were left for sections of time whilst the owner was in hospital too.😞 This little dude came in and sadly he was infested with fleas and had a flea allergy. His nails were long, it was clear he hadn’t been in the real world for some time. Desperately needed some TLC.🫶🏼 Since coming in to our care, it was clear the dogs didn’t get on and needed to be split so they can both have a full and happy life. Rico was getting picked on a lot over anything of high value - food, attention, space, toys etc. Since we have split them they are both much happier within themselves.🧡 Rico is a shy lad who’s a real sweetheart, he enjoys a comfy bed and sunbathing in the garden. He still likes his plods around the block and enjoys little adventures. His fitness is increasing well too. Rico is starting to play with toys 🐾 Since going into foster, he has been ok around dogs. However he could live as an only dog or with a calm dog. Out and about on walks he ignores them. Rico travels well, and is house and crate trained too. 🫶🏼 At the vets he was a star, he’s already been neutered and microchipped. We have flead and wormed him, also give him some medicated baths to help clear up his skin. He enjoys a little groom and his diet is a lot better now too which will improve his coat and skin.❣️ Overall this lad needs a retirement home, a calm and relaxed atmosphere and someone who will spend time with him. Someone he can enjoy the garden with and somewhere he sunbath 🧡 Please share this lad far and wide!🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form if you’re interested in adoption;