Rottie cross
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Everyone meet our next poundie ……. Rick!🧡🖤 This lad has served his time as stray and is now with us. So we are on a mission to find him that perfect forever home! 🤞🏽 Rick is a rottie cross who’s around 1 year old. He currently weighs around 49kg. He is a big goofy puppy who wants to be everybody’s friend!😍 This lad has been a superstar since arriving in our care. He has loved going out for walks with the volunteers and walks lovely on his Gencon (Gentle Control Headcollar) after his Initial excitement of two minutes. 🥰🐾 Rick has been good on lead with other dogs of all shapes and sizes. We haven’t done off lead yet, but will continue with his assessment whilst he is with us.🐶 This lad is a typical pup - he loves his walks, food and sleep. He knows basic commands and adores playing! Rick currently knows; sit, paw, other paw, leave and wait. We are working on door manners and trying to get him to understand not everyone wants a hug and kiss! 😘 Rick needs a home with understanding of large dogs and someone who can carry on his training and socialisation. He is fab….. with a lot of potential in the right hands. 😇 We would be happy for Rick to live with older dog savvy children, who’ve been around larger dogs. As he is a bouncy lad when excited. He travels well and loves to be handled.🖤 At the vets he was a star client, he said hello to everyone outside and then walked in. He was happy with his healthcheck and handling and being weighed. Everyone who meets him falls in love with this goof!🧡🙈 Please share, this stunning lad far and wide, gets find Rick his forever home! 🥰 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in doption;