Springer spaniel
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Everyone meet our next resident.... Rex!💔❤️ A couple of weeks ago, we were contacted by social services regarding a dog in need of help. Thankfully the owner decided to sign the dog over to our care. This is all we knew. So we went over to the address. When we got there, nothing could have prepared us for what we walking in to. It was clear, we were walking in to a hoarding situation. Thankfully only one dog. This dog was Rex, 2.5 year old springer spaniel. 🐶 Rex was in a crate and has been there most of his life. No water or food bowls, no clean bedding - just dirty straw to lie on. He was petrified of human interaction. We got him out and got him in to the van as quickly as possible. This is when we start to understand that Rex was only ever in the crate, he wasn’t allowed in the house or the garden. We knew now, how much this lad needed us. 💛 We had no room at our kennels, therefore we got him in to boarding kennels. Once there he drank water like he had never seen water before. He was so thirsty. We spent a little time with him, and he started to decompress. Over the coming days we went to the boarding kennels and spend time with him. 🐶 We soon realised he had no muscle mass, scared of humans and simply hadn’t seen the world. His fur was extremely matted and the smell off him was unbearable.💔 After two days we finally managed to get a collar on him. He then came in our kennels and we continued to show him life and positive things which come from humans. 🙏🏼 Rex has been to the vets and had a full mot. He had all his matts removed, neutered and vaccinated etc. Now, Rex is slowly learning to trust to people and enjoy life. He has been good with other dogs, he is good on lead and fine with travelling. Rex is getting used to the lead coming on and off - this is trigger for him until he trusts the handler. It’s humans he is scared of, this is going to take time. He is slowly and surely, he is starting to relax, decompress, gain confidence and trust..💜 We will be looking for a very special home for Rex. Someone with rescue dog experience, spaniel or similar breed experience and willing to work with us as a team to allow this boy to finally enjoy life. No children due to his nervousness, teenagers plus. If you feel this is you, please complete the form below; The little things mean so much when working with dogs like Rex, for example the first time he wags his tail in excitement to see you or the first time he wants a fuss from you. 🧡 We will keep you all posted on Rex and his development. Please share his story far and wide. 🐶