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Everyone meet our next poundie and form an orderly queue .... Ray!😘😍🥰 Ray is an saluki pup who is approx 12 weeks old! He is a typical pup in every way!💙 This pup has been amazing today, he has had a day filled with lots of dogs and people and he has taken it all in his stride!💛 Ray is good in the car, he adores people and other dogs! He is playful with cats therefore could easily be cat trained!👌 However due to him being a pup we need a home for him which has time, effort and patience! Salukis are beautiful dogs however can be hard work! So we are looking for someone with commitment too!🙈💚 Ray went to the vets today, EVERYONE loves him! He was the star of the show... and he knew it!😂🥰 He passed a full health check and started his vaccinations! Salukis are streamline dogs however Ray is underweight, he is only 8.4kg. 😔 Please share this stunning lad far and wide! 🏡🙏🏼 Remember to fill in the form below to register your interest. Also fill the form out with as much informations as possible!