Chihuahua cross

Everyone meet our next resident…… Raven!❤️ Sadly Raven found herself in an awful position which resulted in her needing a rescue place. Thankfully, we managed to step in. We cannot post photos of her, due to the sensitivity of the surrender, however she’s a lovely little mite!😘 More details will be given at a later stage of the adoption process. This girl is around 3kg and a chihuahua cross. She’s been brilliant in her foster home with a range of other dogs. She loves to play and adores her food.🐶 Raven’s been good in the house and travels well. She’s a little unsure of the outside world however her confidence is coming along great.❤️‍🩹 She’s passed a full healthcheck, had her vaccinations, been microchipped, flea and worm treatment too. Raven is also booked in to be spayed!👍🏽 This girl has not seen much of the world until now but she’s taking it all in her stride and coping very well. We know in the right home, she’ll blossom. She could live older dog savvy children who are respectful. Raven needs a home where she can carry in building her confidence and lead work. 🐾 Please share this little girlie! 🙏🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;