Everyone meet our next resident….. Raparee 🥰 This girl is stunning inside and out. She’s a very special girl who clearly hasn’t had an easy ride. She is shy to start but loves an ear rub and it’s the best way to win her trust. 🥰 As you can see she has scars on her face and needs to gain some weight. However this will come with time and care. Raperee is 2 years old and is in need of someone to bond with and love! Once this girls finds her person, the bond will be very special!😘 Raperee is happy to walk with both male or female greyhounds. She’s comfortable walking solo too. She enjoys the outside world and a good plod around the garden!🐾 With a bit of TLC this girl is going to feel so much better. She travels well and walks well on lead. She’s a special girl who’s going to make someone very happy. ❣️ Remember to complete form below if you’re interested in adoption;