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Update; After a few more days with Ralphy in foster care, we thought we would give everyone an update. We simply can not fault this lad - he has been nothing but perfect! His foster has stated; ‘ he is no bother at all, one of the most chilled out dogs I have ever met!’ 💘 Ralphy is losing weight well, he loves his food so we upped his exercise. At the moment he is having 3 small walks ago. Which he loves!😘 This lad is need of chilled out home with someone who understands him and his needs. We will be going though his forms early next week. So there is still time to get a form in.🙏🏼🤞🏼 Everyone say hi to our next resident..... Ralphy!💚 Ralphy is a sharpei cross who is 5 years old. This lad hasn’t had it easy. Sadly he was due to put to sleep due to an incident that happen which wasn’t his fault. (Whoever we invite forward to meet him will be told all the details!)💔 Since Ralphy has been in foster care, we can’t fault him. This lad clearly needs a few changes in life. We have started small and often walks as he needs to lose weight. Ralphy loves his outings and adore watching the world go by.🐾 He has been to the vets and he is ok. However his eyes are being monitored - he is on a set of eye drops for a week and we will go from there. Vets wasnt too worried. His skin and everything else is good. He just needs to lose some weight.💚 Ralphy is housetrained, happy to be left for a few hours on his own, travels well, loves to sleep and chill! This lad needs a calm home with adopter who have dog experience and understanding of this type of breed. 🤞🏼🙏🏼 Please complete the form below with as much details as possible, if you are interested in adoption;