Saluki mix

Please say a big goofy hello to our new boy Ralf 🥰 Ralf came into our care yesterday from the pound and was just a few days away from being euthanised. When he arrived at the pound he was in a very sorry state and weighed in at only 14kg. He is now 20kg and has grown hugely confidence. Ralf is a small/medium sized saluki / lurcher and he is so cheeky and playful! At first he is a little bit shy but soon realises he is safe and relaxes. He loves his zoomies and it is an absolute joy watching him enjoying himself and his freedom from his awful past. Ralf walks beautifully on lead and almost looks like he’s trotting or doing dressage 🥰 We think Ralf is very young and under 12 months old. He is very friendly with the other kennel dogs and desperate to play. We think Ralf could live with other dogs and dog savvy