Collie x GSD

Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Pud!💙 This lad has served his stray time but no one came forward to claim him. He’s around 1 year old and is medium crossbreed. We feel there maybe some collie and GSD in the mix, but we don’t know for sure. However he is a lovely lad whatever his DNA maybe be.❤️‍🩹 Pud is extremely clever and eager to please. He knows a lot of basic commands and will do anything for a treat. Within moments he knew how to walk on the headcollar. The commands he knows are; sit, paw, down, wait, stay, come, gentle, stop and leave. 🌟So someone, at some point has put work and effort in to him. However he is a bit head shy!☹️ This lad is so desperate to bond with someone, he really wants a place to call home. He has been great with everyone he has met so far and his confidence is growing by the hour!❤️💪🏼 At the vets, he has passed a health check and re started his vaccinations. He needs to gain around 5kg, at the moment he is 19.7kg. He is also booked in to be neutered as well.🐶 So far, he’s been ok with dogs. Happy to say hello to his kennel mates currently. We will be assessing him further with other dogs as he spends longer with us!💜 We feel Pud could live with dog savvy children and that he would love an active home. He needs a home where his mind and body are exercised. Pud really could go far in the right hands. He could easily do obedience, agility or flyball. He needs someone who has the time for him and he will make a great addition to a family!⭐️ Please share far and wide!🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;