Everyone meet our next resident ….. Poppy!💔❣️ ‼️This girl is in FOSTER WITH A VIEW TO ADOPT. Meaning we are NOT taking applications!!! Poppy is a 6 month old bulldog who came to us via her breeder. As you can she has a cleft palate. Thankfully so far she’s doing well, however this does put her at risk of many health issues throughout her life. 🙁 We will see the full extend of her cleft when she’s under anaesthetic for her spay which is booked in over the next few weeks. 🙏🏼 This girl is settling well in to her foster home. So well that it’s looking highly likely she’ll be staying. It’s evident this girl hasn’t had much to do with the outside world. She’s learning what a lead is at the moment. 🐾 Poppy is enjoying the fact she’s with with other dogs. These are the first ‘other’ dogs she’s met as when she was with her breeder she only met the dogs she was housed with. These were her mother, aunt and grandmother. Thankfully, she’s taken very well to her new canine friends!❣️ Once this girl has gained her confidence around new people and environments, nothing will stop her. She will only ever know love and care no matter what arises in the future!😘 We cannot know for certain why she has a cleft palate however it’s common when there’s a small gene pool within the breeding lines and it is highly common in bulldogs……Another reason why you should research before thinking about getting a puppy! Don’t just research the breed….if you are adamant about going to breeder make sure you research them too. For now Poppy is slowly building her confidence up so she can live a life full of love and adventures! Everyone who meets her just falls in love with her. How couldn’t you……..