Everyone meet our next resident ….. Poppy!🥺💛 Poppy is scruffy jack Russel who’s 11 years old. Sadly, one of her owners passed away who was her primary care giver then her other owner was too poorly to care for her. This has resulted in her and another dog being left alone for around six months in a property with only someone popping in. Before this period, they were left for sections of time whilst the owner was in hospital too.😞 Since coming in to our care, it was clear the dogs didn’t get on and needed to be split so they can both have a full and happy life. They were arguing over anything of high value- food, attention, space, toys etc. Since we have split them, they are both much happier within themselves.🧡 Poppy is a quiet girl who’s happy when she’s with you. She likes to come to you in her own time. This girl feels safe in her crate and once she trusts you, she will sit on your knee all day.😍 This girl adores being the only dog….she’s really growing in confidence and adoring the attention! We will be rehoming her as the only dog within the household. She’s fine with dogs out and about walking. 🐶 Poppy is housetrained and happy pottering around the garden. She walks well on lead and loves her walks. She’s starting to play with her toys and enjoy life again. 💛 When she arrived, she was underweight, dirty, over grown nails and generally needing TLC. She thankfully adores her food and loves a groom. She’s scared of fast movements until she trusts you.🥺❣️ This girl deserves a quiet life with someone who’s going to adore and spoil her. She’s desperate to bond with someone. 😍 Please share this little lady far and wide!🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form if you’re interested in adoption;