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Everyone meet our next poundie…..Poppy! ❤️ Poppy sadly found herself as a stray in the pound…..no one came forward for her and therefore she’s now in our care. This girl is a collie cross who is nearly 9 months old.🫶🏼 Since arriving with us Poppy’s confidence has grown massively. She loves her cuddles and fuss. She’s even started to play fetch!🐾 Poppy can now walk on lead and her manners are coming along well. Everything is very exciting and sometimes a little overwhelming but she looks for reassurance from her handler. She’s improving daily at the moment!❤️‍🩹 This girl has been ok around other dogs and travels well in the car. She’s so eager to learn and is as bright as button!😘 Poppy has passed a full health check and is booked in to be spayed. She’s currently 12kg and should be around 15kg, but her weight is increasing well!❤️ We are looking for an understanding home who will help her learn about the world and carry on her confidence building. She’s a young, active and clever girl who has the world at her paws. She just needs her own family to help her along the way. 🤞🏽 Please share far and wide 🙏🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;