Lhasa apso
Older Only

Everyone say hi to our next resident…. Polly!💖 Polly is a 10 years old Lhasa who’s sadly come in to our care due to owners ill health…. and means she hasn’t been walked properly for a while.💔 Since coming in to our care Polly has been a sweetie. It’s clear that Polly hasn’t been out much and needs some more socialisation with other dogs. However she’s getting better with every walk. If a dog is calm around her, she’s fine. She just doesn’t like young, rude dogs who are in her space too much and who can blame her! 🐶 Polly walks and travels well. She’s a quiet girl who is a tad nervous when she firsts meets you. However she is your friend in no time. Polly is clean in the house and quiet overnight.💛 It was said Polly has food aggression by her previous owner, we haven’t seen this yet. She can have a grumble if you give her a high reward treat….however does calm down when she knows you aren’t going to take it off her.👍🏽 This girl has passed a full health check and re-started her vaccinations. She’s more than happy at the groomers too. We are looking for a quiet, relaxing retirement home for this girl. Where she can be adored and loved!🥰 Remember to complete the form with as much detail as possible, so we can find this is his forever home;