Pom x chi

PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE THOUGHT SERIOUSLY ABOUT ADOPTION AND YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO ADOPT IMMINENTLY. Everyone meet our next resident…..Pippa!🧡 Pippa is a 3 month old pomerian x chihuahua who’s sadly come in to our care after being too much for her very elderly owner. Sadly this girl has been sold and passed around a few times. ☹️💔 Since coming in to our care, Pippa has been everything a puppy should be. Full of character, confidence and love. She loves to play and will do it all day. 🐾 Pippa is still young so can get carried away and start nipping etc. It’s clear this girl was taken away from her litter/mother too young as these are the limits and lessons she would have learnt from them. 😔 However Pippa is a bright girl who’s understanding the word NO👌🏼 She knows how to sit and wait for her food. Pippa was sleeping in a crate however in foster she’s been settling in a bed without an issue. She learning to ‘drop’ when playing fetch too. Her house training is coming along nicely but still needs work!🙌🏽 This girl is fully vaccinated and has passed a health check. She loves going in the car and adores going to new places. Pippa is getting used to her lead and will walk well in no time!🐾 We are looking for a forever home where she will be treated as a dog. Someone who will use her brain and exercise her body - sadly toy dogs are treated like baby’s more than most. We need someone who understands her DNA and grooming requirements! Puppies are a 10-15 year commitment, life can change a lot in that time! Please really think about it before you apply!👍🏽 Remember complete the form below with DETAIL if you’re interested in adoption;