Rough coated lurcher

Everyone meet our next poundies...... Renee and Piper!❤️ Both girls only came in to our care today therefore we will know more about them over the coming days. Here is what we know so far; 🐶Renee - black and white - smooth coat - greyhound - approximately 3/5 years old. Fab girl, very gentle and quiet. Good around dogs and people. Brilliant at travelling in the car, jumps in and out! Happy to be handled and very gentle on lead! Loves going for walks. Passed a full health check however does have half a ear missing!😔☹️ We can tell she hasn’t had the best life so far!💔 Needs some TLC, however has a very calm and gentle personality. 💛 🐶 Piper - blonde and white - rough coat - Lurcher - approximately 18months old. Full of energy!! Very active. Good with people and other dogs. Passed a full health check! Happy on lead and being handled. Ok at travelling. Loves to have company canine or human. 🐶❤️ We will know more about their individual personalities over the coming days. However if you’re interested in one of the girl please fill in the online form. 🧡 Please share this lady far and wide!🤞🏼🙏🏼