Labradoodle (mini)

PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE THOUGHT SERIOUSLY ABOUT ADOPTION AND YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO ADOPT IMMINENTLY. Everyone meet our next resident…..Piper!💜 Sadly this girl has found herself in our care due to a relationship breakdown and her needs not being met. Piper has been with her previous owner since birth and hasn’t seen much of the world so is a little shy to start. However she soon comes out of her shell!❤️‍🩹 Piper is a 16 month old mini labradoodle who’s a dinky little thing! She’s been living with her mother and older dog savvy children until she arrived in our care.🐾 Piper has really enjoyed her walks and loves going in the car. She’s a little shy with new people to start with but overcomes this with a few moments. Piper is more suited to calmer household. ❣️ At the vets, she’s passed her health check snd had her booster. Piper is booked in to be spayed next week too! She loved the attention at the vets and it’s said she’s good at the groomers too! Please consider the grooming needs of this breed as well as the energy levels! 🐶 Piper is good in the house and loves to play fetch. She has been sleeping downstairs without any issues and is spotlessly clean!😍 Please share this girl far and wide!🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below in DETAIL, if you’re interested in adoption;