Pug x
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Everyone say hello to our next resident… Peggy!💜 Peggy is a pug cross who is around 15 weeks old. 🥰 Sadly she was brought in to our care due to an incident with a toddler. Please understand that the breeder has also signed her over in to our care. Please no negative comments regarding either party. Our aim is to find Peggy a forever home where she can reach her full potential! 🐾 Since coming in to our care Peggy has been in a foster home. She has been fab with everyone and everything. In the foster home there are cats and another small dog. This girl has also been great around larger breeds too. Peggy has been good however she is a puppy so does try it on from time to time.🙈😂 Peggy is a typical puppy meaning, she bites, scratches, plays, eats, sleeps and likes to push the boundaries. Whoever gets the chance to adopt this girl is going to have their hands full!! However with the right mental and psychical stimulation, Peggy is going to be an amazing family member! 🧡 She loves her walks and learning new things. Peggy currently sleeps in a crate over night and is around 90% housetrained. This girl loves going in the car.❣️ Please only complete the form below if you are suitable and feel you can offer this lady the life she deserves: