Jack Russel terrier
Middle Aged

Everyone meet Paddy the lad!🥰 This little lad is full of character. He is from the pound so we don’t know anything about his back ground however here’s what we have learnt whilst he has been with us.💚 Paddy is Jack Russel Terrier who is approximately 5 years old! A typical terrier and full life. He is happy on lead and he walks well. Paddy adores going out an adventures, he adores the country side and everything it has to offer! 🐾 This lad travels well in a too. Paddy is good with other dogs on lead however his to life on his own. Unfortunately this little guy has lost a back toe however he is coping well. He has passed a full check! 🐶 Paddy is going to be a Brilliant little companion for someone! He loves people and he has been brilliant with everyone he has come in to contact with. Paddy has been around children and was brilliant, he adores people!😍❤️ Please share this little character far and wide!🤞🏼🙏🏼 Remember if you’re interested in paddy the lad, please fill in the form below;