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Everyone meet our next poundie …… Paddington!🧡 This lad served his stray time and no one came forward to claim him. Now he’s with us and in foster until we find him his forever home. 🙏🏼 Paddington is a dinky terrier who’s 8 months old. He has passed a full healtcheck and booked in to be neutered. He adored the vets and everyone got a waggy tail. 😘 This lad is good with people and adores being in the car. He travels well too. Paddington is happy being handled and loves to play!🐾 He is a typical terrier, he is 100mph and loves his walks. Paddington is very clever and active. A walk isn’t enough, he needs both mental and physical stimulation! 👌🏼 Paddington mirrors what dogs are like with him. If they want to play so does he, if they bark he will bark! He’s a typical young lad who hasn’t had the right socialisation. However he is so trainable and will do anything to please you.🫶🏼🐾 This lad is a young terrier who has the world at his paws. He is a true adventure dog, at the end of the day love his cuddles and strokes! Paddington’s been clean in the house and good over night. He knows basic commands and loves his food. 🥰 Please share Paddington far and wide! 🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;