GSD x Husky
Middle Aged

It is with huge sadness and disappointment that we are having to readvertise Paco. 💔 Paco is 7 years old and we think he could be German Shepherd x Shiba…. however he isn’t a big dog. Paco is coming back to us as his owners are not confident walking him. We will explain this in more detail to any serious applicants. 🙏 Paco is fabulous in the house!!! He had been living in a motor home with his owner prior to her ill health and was completely happy! He is house trained and happy to be left for a few hours!🙌🏽 This cool dude loves adventures! He travels brilliantly and loves a lot of commands. Paco is a switched on lad who really enjoys his walks. He’s strong on lead to start but does settle down with a confident handler 🐾 Paco is going to be more suitable and happier as the only pet within the household. He has previously been around dog savvy children without an issue too 💕 His existing adopters say this about him……. 🥰 In the house Paco is a superstar, no mess, no issues, keeps himself clean and very quiet, doesn’t bark. He only just wants to be with you and also to come up for a cuddle and affection throughout…..Especially a belly rub, he is a big softie 😍 He enjoys the garden and loves to do tricks and when settled will enjoy a ball. He enjoys some treats more than others but is more than willing to do tricks and games for them. We are looking for a home for Paco with people who have a little experience of similar breeds and are confident handling dogs….. That’s all!!! Paco sometimes reacts to dogs off lead when he is on lead (which is a common behaviour) so someone who understands that and can appreciate how to handle him 😀 Please complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption