Cocker Spaniel

Everyone meet Outstanding Ozzie!😍 This lad is completely and utterly stunning! He is beautiful inside and out!💚 Ozzie is a cocker spaniel who has just turned 3 years old! He is needing his forever home due to his family house and are struggling to find somewhere that will accept animals! 😔 🐾Ozzie can’t be rehomed until the 18th however we are taking enquiries for him now! 🐾 This lad was perfect on the assessment today! He loves others dogs and was fab around all the strangers he met. He is said to be brilliant with children and he adores swimming! 💛 Ozzie was fab off lead and loves to play fetch! He happily lets you take a ball from his mouth! He would play fetch all day! He travels well and is happy to be left for a few hours too!😘 This beautiful boy needs a home where is body and mind will be exercised! He loves going on adventures, he prefers places with water!😍