Bully mix
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Everyone meet our next resident……Otto!❤️‍🩹 Otto is 10 weeks old, and a Bull breed pup. We think he will grow in to a medium sized dog however he is a stocky lad. He was brought in to our care due to a young family member bringing him home one night, after being given away for free. The family soon realised that their resident dog wasn’t wanting another dog in the household and therefore they decided rescue was the way forward for this lad.❣️ Since coming in to our care, it’s clear Ottos little life hasn’t been the best. He has weaker muscles on his back legs, never seen a vet, has had no vaccinations, not chipped etc. Above all that he clearly left his mother and litter too early. ☹️ However since coming in to foster he is going from strength to strength. Otto has been brilliant with people, cats and other dogs. He is a switched on lad and his toilet training is coming along well. 👌🏼 Otto sleeps in his bed over night and will sit for food now as well. He knows what toys are and loves to play, sleep and eat - ohh and there’s plenty of toileting too! 😂 The vets are happy this lad is gaining weight and doing well. He has started his vaccinations, been, chipped, flead and wormed. His back legs are already stronger and he is jumping and playing. We feel he has been kept in a pen or crate for long periods of time and that’s why there’s a lack of strength in the back legs. However he can now do mini zoomies. As always he will be going out with a neutering contract. 👌🏼 Now he is getting TLC and we can see he is developing well, we have decided it’s time to open applications for this little man. He is a bully pup - so please only apply if you have bull breed experience or large breed experience. He is going to be a strong and stubborn lad as he matures, and his training needs to start straight away and be consistent.🫶🏼 As always before applying please remember he is a puppy. He is at least a 10 year commitment. Your life can change massively and the idea is, he will stay with you for the rest of his life no matter what happens 🙏🏼 Remember to complete the form below If you’re interested in adoption;