Collie x

PLEASE ONLY APPLY FOR OUR DOGS IF YOU HAVE GIVEN IT SERIOUS CONSIDERATION AND ALL FAMILY MEMBERS ARE COMMITTED TO THAT DOG FOR THE ENTIRETY OF THE DOGS LIFE. ALSO PLEASE DONT APPLY UNLESS YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO ADOPT STRAIGHTAWAY. DOGS ARE DYING AND WE NEED TO FIND THE RIGHT HOMES QUICKLY. Everyone meet our next resident …… Otto!🧡 Otto sadly came in to our care after being unable to live with his litter mate. Sadly we are seeing alot more of this. Please research sibling rivalry 🐶 🐶 This lad is an 8 month old collie who we think may have some Kelpie in there too. He’s a switched on lad who does well at basic training. He has been brilliant with people and typically of the breed loves any form of exercise!🐾 When with his previous owner he went to doggy day care and he had a glowing report. He has been fine with other dogs on his assessment and in his foster home.🐶 Otto is good in the car and isn’t bothered by traffic. This lad is clean over night and loves doing some commands; sit, lie down, wait, paw and stay! 🙌🏽 We are looking for an active home for this lad. Someone who understands his DNA and what he needs. Come rain or shine - mental and psychical stimulation! He is going to be a cracking adventure buddy!🧡 Please share far and wide!🤞🏽 Remember compete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;