Cocker spaniel

PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE THOUGHT SERIOUSLY ABOUT ADOPTION AND YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO ADOPT IMMINENTLY. Everyone meet our next resident….Otis!🖤 This lad came in to our care after his owners ill health flared up and some change in circumstances. This resulted in them realising, they weren’t able to meet his needs long term. ❤️‍🩹 Otis is a 5 month old cocker spaniel. He is from working lines and therefore please make sure you have the time and understanding of what that means for this lad for the next 10-15 years of his life. When fully developed, he will need his mind and body exercising daily. Also please take in to consideration he will need grooming too!🖤 Otis went straight into foster care when he arrived with 7 year old dog savvy children and another dog. He’s doing great but he is full on! Puppy’s are hard work!🐾 This lad is very switched on and knows basic commands. He is fully vaccinated and adores his walks. Otis travels well in the car and loves being out and about!🙌🏽 This boy doesn’t like being still, he constantly wants to be on the go. This is his DNA. He does settle when he has mental and physical stimulation and then recharges and starts again!🤪 Over night he is now crate trained and quiet. His housetraining is coming along well and he loves doing some basic obedience for treats!🤩 Please really think about the full impact of taking on a puppy before you apply. Yes they are fun however they are hard work and he will be full of it all his life! Remember to complete the form below with DETAIL if you’re interested in adoption;