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Everyone say hello to our next resident ….. Oskie!🖤 ‼️ Please read profile in FULL before applying. If you do apply, please ensure you put plenty of detail in the form‼️ Oskie is a 18 month old, cockerpoo. This guy was brought in to us via his owners due to him having some guarding issues. He has only ever growled, he’s never bitten however, due to the family having a young child, they deemed it was for the best Oskie was rehomed. Also, after chatting with the team, they realised that they weren’t meeting his needs of stimulation.🐶 This lad is extremely friendly with people and other dogs. He travels well and learning to walk properly on lead too. Oskie is clean and quiet over night once he has settled.👌🏼 However if this lad picks up something he shouldn’t, shoes for example and you go to remove it - he will growl. We are currently using a very simply training method to resolve this and so far we have had a good response. Please note; this is to be carried on in his new home. 🐾 Due to this we are looking for experienced home with no children under 15 years old. We feel he could benefit from a canine friend to burn some energy off and teach him a few things along the way!🧡 This lad has a lot of potential in the right home will make a fab family member. Structure, stimulation and time is all this young lad needs. 🖤 Remember if you’re interested in adoption and feel you are able to offer what this lad needs then complete the form below;