Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Oscar. 💔😢 This lad is a heartbreaker however he has found his happy ending!! Oscar came in to care our via the pound….he served his stray time and no one came forward for him. However he was mircochipped! Looking at his chip details meant that we knew his name and his age. So Oscar is a 15 year old staffie, who we are pretty certain wasn’t a stray at all. He can’t walk far enough to become a stray!😣 This lad is a gentlemen, so sweet and gentle. However after 15 years of life he’s been thrown away like rubbish. He has bad teeth, a huge lump, arthritis in his joints, he can’t see or hear very well at all! 😢 However at some point this lad has had a family who showed him attention, he knows what a fuss is, he’s brilliant around other dogs and he loves going in the car. He’s been neutered and mircochipped. So during his life someone has loved him but how does he end up in a pound? When he came in to our care, we got him straight to the vets. We noticed along with other things mentioned above that he was drinking a lot of water too. Sadly, after blood tests it’s clear this lad is suffering with kidney failure too. He is now on renal food diet and some tablets to help - however can only manage the meat due to his poor dental state 😔 Thankfully, we have amazing fosterers and they took him without a second thought. He has been there a few days and fitted in with the rest of the pack which are all Almost Home Dog Rescue residents. 🥰😍 Last night we had the amazing news that these awesome fosters are going to keep him on a forever foster system. Which means he gets to stay where he is for the rest of his life…. However long that maybe!!😇😘 He’s happy and contented there. Oscar will never want for anything ever again. As a team we will ensure he has the best of everything! If you wish to help, you can sponsor any of our forever foster by using the link below; Oscars donators will help towards his meds and renal food (which isn’t cheap by any means!) He will be going under Our FOREVER FOSTER section on the website very soon.❤️‍🩹 Again, a massive thank you to his forever foster family who are already spoiling him rotten. 😇 Please share this lad, let’s get his story out there!🫶🏼