Everyone meet our resident .... Opie!😘 This lad is heartbreaker, he is only 2/3 years old and spend a large amount of his life on a chain.💔 Opie has been a gentleman so far! He has been brilliant with all size dogs and learning what a fuss is. He is starting to adore his cuddles! 🥰 This boy walks well on lead and loves being out and about. Once he is a bit more confident, nothing will hold this back. He travels well in the car as well!💙 More details to follow once we have spend more time with him!🐶Please share this lovely lad so he can learn about the positive side of life! 🤞🏼💚 Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in adoption; Update; 💙 Opie is fab lad who is full of character. This lad has had an awful life but he doesn’t let this hold him back! He is an active lad who seems great with all breeds of dog and he loves people! Opie will happily jump in and out of the van with other an issues and walks beautifully on lead! He is spotless in his clean too!💙