Whippet x greyhound

Everyone meet our exit poundie ….. Onyx!🖤😘 This young lad is a Whippet x Greyhound and is around 1 year old. He is only 20kg and one very sweet, yet active, lad. He loves his zoomies, food and cuddles.😘 Sadly, he found himself in the pound after being an unclaimed stray. Local residents stated he was left behind once a group of people moved location!💔 Onyx is everything a young lad should be, he loves everyone and everything, he loves learning and adores being out and about. He is a good boy on lead and travels well.👏🏽🖤 He has been great around dogs as well. Onyx is very trainable and is like a sponge at this time so you can train him to be whatever you wish. He really is as bright as a button! 🙌🏽💙 We feel he could live with another dog and/or dog-savvy children. Sadly, he can’t live with cats. He needs a life full of adventures and plenty of fuss! He loves his ear rubs.😍 At the vets, he was a star and lapped up all the attention. He has passed a full health check, started his vaccinations, been flead and wormed. Onyx is booked in to be neutered as well.✂️ Please give this fun-loving boy a share so he can find his forever home. 🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption: