Cocker spaniel

Everyone meet our next resident……Odin!🧡 This lad found himself in our care due to no fault of his own. More details around the situation will be given at the interview stage of adoption. However he is now safe and sound!🫶🏼 Odin is a 9/10 week old cocker spaniel. He hasn’t had a good start but seems blissfully unaware. He’s a very confident lad who loves to play with humans and canines. ❣️ In his short life he has been around other dogs constantly and he really does like their company. He is good in a crate and his housetraining is starting to come along well but there’s a long way to go.👌🏼 This lad is a very clever lad and he will lead an active lifestyle when he grows up. He is as playful as they come at the moment and he is practising walking on lead in the house and garden currently!🐾 Odin travels well and is getting better with being handled and fussed. It was something he hadn’t had a lot of, but now he loves a cuddle and fuss!🖤 He’s booked in to the vets to start his vaccinations, flea and worm. We have now mircochipped him too! 🫶🏼 This lad needs a home with an understanding spaniels and the input they need. Pups are hard work, he needs exercise and trusting daily. When he’s older a walk won’t be enough. He’s a 10year plus commitment so please consider this before applying!🙏🏼 Please share this lovely lad!🐶 Remember to complete the form below in DETAIL if you’re interested in adoption;