Sprocker x boxer

Everyone meet our next resident …. Obi!💙 This stunning boy is just over 1 year old and is a Sprocker cross Boxer. One of the oddest crossbreeds we have heard about which was result of an accident in doggy day care. 😱🙈 Obi has sadly found himself in our care due to the family having to move house and not being able to find dog-friendly accommodation.😣 This lad is a happy, healthy, bouncy young lad who’s very clever and adores being busy! He has previously lived with children and adores them, however he is a like Tigger when excited so this something to keep in mind.🤪🤪 Obi is a typical young lad, very excited and full of fun. He adores his walks and travels well too. Obi is good with other dogs however gets very excited when he first meets them. He is crate-trained and goes in his crate overnight and when he is left alone for a couple of hours.😇 He is good at his basic commands and enjoys any type of mental stimulation. This lad needs a life full of mental and physical stimulation. 🐾 Please share this lad so he can find his adventure humans!🏡🙌🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption: